Gamification With The Travelers Golf Challenge
Gamification with the Travelers Golf Challenge

Getting your clients to interact with your brand regularly can be a difficult task. To help Travelers Insurance achieve just that, we launched an online golf game to make sure they interact on a daily basis, whilst having fun at the same time.

Travelers recently extended its official marketing relationship with the PGA TOUR to the UK and Ireland, and are the “Official Property Casualty Insurance Provider of the PGA TOUR" until 2018. Not only that, but they are extending their agreement as title sponsors for the Travelers Championship tournament in the US. Sky will be broadcasting the tournament in full on their Sky Sports 4 channel.

To help Travelers get this message out to their brokers in the UK and Ireland, we delivered an addictive online golf game branded The Travelers Golf Challenge. The game takes no more than 10 minutes to play in full, and if you are in the Travelers database, you can enter your email address to see your name and company appear on the leaderboard.

Fully branded Travelers golf game

To coincide with the launch of the game, we designed and mailed over 3,400 golf themed direct mail items, and an additional set of postcards to place in the receptions of offices around the UK.

The game began on 2nd June and will continue until 22nd June, when the real Travelers Championships at TPC River Highlands in Connecticut will end. The broker who tops the leaderboard at that time will win the ultimate round of golf; a round and overnight stay at Wentworth with three of their friend. Players can play as many times as they like to try and improve their score, but only their best score will be listed.

Extensive reporting was put in place to allow the client to monitor how successful the overall project was. This included:

  • Real time view of the amount of people playing the game
  • How many rounds have been played per person
  • Which companies are most active on the game
  • Every player posting a score has a ranking, whether 1st or 10,000th

We then created customised emails delivered with information relating specifically to each player. For example - "Hi John, after playing three rounds you are currently 5th on the leaderboard with £3,456." The emails contain tips on how to improve your game, as well as the most recent top 10 places; all populated automatically from the database we created.

Screen shots from the Travelers Golf Challange game

With KPIs in place we could provide the client with immediate feedback and With over two weeks of the competition still to play, this can online increase.

  • 63% of brokers have returned to the game to play again
  • 1/3 of the broker player target was reached by day two
  • 20% of the invited companies took part in the challenge
  • 4 minutes was the average game session
  • 6.3 days was the cumulative playing time over just three weeks!

As well as an external game, we also launched an internal version for Travelers staff to play. With their own leaderboard, employees can play the game and enter their email address to see how they perform against their colleagues.

At the moment 70% of employees have been returning to the game to try and beat their score, proving how addictive it really is.

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