"Mobilegeddon" – Google to favour mobile-friendly sites
Google to prioritise mobile

From today, Google will start updating its secret formula for ranking sites to favour those that are "mobile friendly" and demote sites that fail to meet its criteria. Experts in search engine optimisation have dubbed the shift "Mobilegeddon", predicting that companies unprepared for the change will suffer heavily as a result.

Websites not deemed mobile-friendly will be dropped down the search rankings, potentially dramatically reducing the number of visitors to a site. While the algorithm change will not affect search on tablets or desktop computers, as mobile now accounts for 50% searches on Google, companies will notice the consequences.

A recent study (IAB/Kantar Media study) indicated that 69% of UK adults are 'frustrated' by brand sites that aren't mobile-ready: Read full article »

At Bellman, we've been building responsive sites for some time to ensure our clients keep pace with modern trends and enable their target audiences to access their sites 'on the go'. For The University of Sussex undergraduate recruitment campaign last year, we built a responsive campaign microsite to capture students from mobile traffic as the main University site wasn't responsive.

We now build responsive sites and emails as a matter of course. If you are concerned that your business will suffer as a result of Google's new ruling, we're here to help.

You can check whether your website is classed as mobile-friendly by Google by entering the web address here.