LinkedIn Showcase Pages. What are they and do you need them?
LinkedIn Showcase Pages

‘Create relationships that matter’ is how LinkedIn are touting their Showcase Pages, yet for most companies, they are either not aware of them or understand how they can be used. We believe in them, but we’re fully aware that they don’t work for every company.

Getting people to follow your company online isn’t an easy task. A number of your followers will be employees, or ex-employees, and then there’s the competition who want to keep an eye on what you’re up to. Hopefully you’ll have a large number though who are following you because they like what you’re talking about. But can you be sure that the message that you’re trying to get across, resonates with the people who are following you? With Showcase Pages you can.

What are Company Pages?

In order to understand what a Showcase Page is, you need to know what a Company Page is. A Company Page allows you to communicate directly to the people who have chosen to follow your company updates. You post a story and it appears in your followers timeline.

For a number of years we have heard that Company Pages just aren't useful to our client's audiences, mainly because of the articles that have been posted. In a number of cases the Company Page is updated by a team in a different region, meaning that the information posted is irrelevant.

What is a Showcase Page?

Imagine your company has 10 products and you have 10,000 people in your database. All those contacts like different products you sell, so if you sent out an mass email to them about one of those products, it would be treated like spam by some in your database. Showcase Pages allow you to split your communications into categories to make sure that your LinkedIn followers only get information they are interested in.

Who should be using Showcase Pages?

We work with companies to find out how they’re structured and what content they are currently producing. Once we have this information, we can work out whether you, your followers and your potential followers would benefit from them. The beauty of Showcase Pages is that you can set them up however you like. Here are some examples:

Large global organisation where the social media activity is controlled out of the US. You may find that the information posted is very US-centric and might not be of any use to those in other countries. In this case you could have a different Showcase Page per region.

You are a parent company with multiple sub-brands. In this case you could create a Showcase Page for each of those sub-brands and allow people to follow any or all of them. Your communication will now relate to a single brand and be posted to that corresponding Showcase Page.

Your company sells different products. You can see this in action with Microsoft at the moment, where they have split their Showcase Pages out into product groups, such as Office, Bing Ads, Dynamics, Visio etc. Your followers might be using Microsoft Office but don’t care about Bing Ads for example.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages in action.

Three Microsoft Showcase Pages, for Office, Outlook and Visio

What are the next steps?

As mentioned, Showcase Pages aren’t for everyone, and we can help guide you through the process. Whether you are already have an active company precence on LinkedIn or you would like this moment to be the start of your journey, we are here to help.