How to Use an Infographic
How to use an Infographic

So you have an infographic that is going to educate and impress your audience, but what do you do with it? How do you get the most out of the infographic you have made?

Getting the most out of an infographic means getting the finished article in front of your target audience at a time and a place when they are prepared to absorb the information. It isn’t as easy as placing it on your website and hoping that people look at it.

Putting aside the reasons for creating the infographic in the first place, and the purpose of the infographic itself, we list a number of ways to get it noticed.

Add it to your own website
Putting the infographic on your own website is vital. If your site allows, the image can be put onto a page with a number of functions.

  • Let people like and share it. Don’t forget Pinterest!
  • Provide code to allow people to embed the graphic into their own web pages
  • Add a thumbnail of it on pages that are similar to the infographic content
  • Use it as a contextual link to support page content

Think about search engines
Only adding an infographic image to your website isn’t allowing search engines the best chance of finding it and indexing it. We suggest the following:

  • Précis the content and add this as text to the page to support the infographic
  • Make sure your webpage URL contains the title of the infographic
  • Include a well thought-out page description
  • Don’t call the embedded image img-1.jpg and instead use the title again
  • Allow people to click the image to get a larger version
  • Include the title of the infographic within your content on other pages, and provide this as a link to the page

Share it
It might sound obvious, but sharing it using social media is sometimes overlooked because companies don’t have a social media strategy. If you want to share it, how about:

  • Asking your employees to share the link to the infographic via their Facebook accounts
  • If you have a LinkedIn company page add the link to the infographic. If you don’t have the infographic on your website, you can still add it as an attachment along with relevant content
  • Join groups about infographics and share yours with them
  • If you have used source information, contact the people who provided it and ask them to share it too
  • Take a long hard look at the content on it. Who else would like this information? Get in touch via email or social sites and give them the link

One infographic. Multiple uses
Once you have created your infographic, you can re-purpose them in many applications:

  • They can be used within a printed brochure to provide an ‘at a glance’ summary to a section of content
  • The individual graphic components that make it up, could be re-used in presentations
  • Add them to videos to add a little data visualisation

Submit to an infographic website

There are a number of infographic websites and they succeed by showcasing the best ones across the internet. Submit yours and you could be on their homepage.

If you would like to know more about creating an infographic, please contact us and we can discuss this with you.