Crown Commercial Service - Agile Route To Market
Crown Commercial Service - Agile Route To Market.

If you work for a government department or public body, you may have noticed a few changes to the procurement process. If your organisation is part of the UK public sector and you would like to procure marketing services, this post may be of interest to you.

The Crown Commercial Service - Agile Route To Market (ARM)

The Agile Route to Market (ARM) allows you to choose an agency to deliver projects that are low value (sub OJEU) and therefore do not require you to formally add them to the Official Journal of the European Union or Tenders Direct.

Each agency that is listed on ARM has provided details of their services and company information. You can then decide to search through a number of agencies, or if you have a long-standing relationship with one in particular, you may decide to select them directly.

The advantage of ARM is that it allows you the flexibility and also the opportunity to move fast when it comes to procurement. There are currently around 300 agencies on the list, but due to the recent extension of the service, this is likely to increase in 2014.

As a full service marketing agency, we would like to be listed for each and every category. However, agencies are only permitted to choose three categories from a select list.

Agile Route to Market: Marketing & Communications Services

LOT 1.1 - Creative & Design

Agile Route to Market: Direct Marketing Services

LOT 2.1 - Direct Marketing Strategy, Planning and Creative

Agile Route to Market: Digital Marketing Services

LOT 3.1 - Web Strategy, Planning, Creative, Build and Implementation

Digital Services RM1043

In addition to ARM we are also listed in the Digital Services framework.

Digital Services: Content Design & Development

ALL LOTS - Digital Services

Crown Commercial Service - Agile Route To Market.
Creative Choice

The decision has recently been taken not to extend the Creative Choice framework and so this will close naturally by 3rd June 2014. The assist the smooth running of this process orders can still be taken up to this date and can run for the duration of one year. All orders submitted after this time will not be fulfilled.

If you use Creative Choice, we are listed under two categories and we can still deliver projects through the framework under the following cataegories:

  • Integrated marketing/communications
  • Direct Marketing

Being listed in these two categories allows us to work on any elements of your marketing communications or direct marketing projects.

Our experience

Our agency has been established for over 24 years. During this time we have worked in a number of sectors including consumer, finance and manufacturing, and of course government and public sector. If you would like to know more about our work with the NHS, UK Trade & Investment or with universities and higher education, please contact us.