Bellman Media 2013 Predictions
Bellman Media 2013 Predictions

What will be happening in 2013? There are some more obvious changes that will take place this year, but we also back a few unusual ones too.

Google Chrome used by half of internet users
Google Chrome continues to defeat Internet Explorer and FireFox in the browser wars. We expect that this year Chrome will be used by more than half of internet users based on current usage.

One site fits all
Responsive design, the method in which you create one website that resizes for tablets and mobile device, has been about for a while, but this year will see it widely used. Even the UK Government has adopted this approach with their new site

Touch screen explosion
Windows finally embraces touch screen technology with the launch of Windows 8, and the roll out of touch screen laptops has begun. Also expect this technology to be in the public too, with shops and restaurants looking to gain advantage over their rivals. We have been using touch screen technology for a few years now.

Augmented reality will be 'everywhere'
We love the idea that you can bring a typical static image or magazine to life. Taking offline, online will be something more widely used this year. It won't be long before this is standard practice for magazines and newspapers.
Ikea adds Augmented Reality to 2013 Catalog »

Video will be even more dominant
Cisco forecasts that 90 per cent of consumer IP traffic (which makes up the majority of total IP traffic) will be video in 2013. We agree. With the ease of viewing on mobile and tablet devices, we are seeing more people adopt video into their campaigns and marketing strategies.

The Year of the Mobile – Much like 2012
With the roll out of 4G expect to see more people using their mobile for purchases and playing games. Econsultancy's multichannel retail survey showed that 32% of UK consumers have made a purchase using their mobile and new global research from BuzzCity suggests 77% now go online solely via their phone.

The Real Birth of Social TV
There have been a couple of attempts to merge TV and friends comments but nothing very successful yet. Expect more TVs to be connected to the internet and phone/tablet/TV synergies

Some more unusual predictions

Offline Recommendations
Why should your product only be 'liked' on your website and not in your store? This only telling people online what people think of your product. The offline vs online opportunities could merge with people going in store and seeing how popular products are on the shelf.

Banks are an antiquated way of getting finance
Quicker, cheaper ways to finance companies will take off even more in 2013. Kickstarter, Crowdcube and to some extent Amigo Loans will change how people get funding.

We will be able to holiday in space (if you have the cash)
Richard Branson confirms Virgin Galactic's first space tourism flight will launch next year with him on board.

We won't see 2014
A GIANT explosion of energy from the Sun could paralyse Earth in just three years' time, scientists warn.