Infographics create engaging and informative displays at Dubai Healthcare Event
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We've created a series of large display infographics – interactive and static – for Digital Health Live 2015, held in Dubai 5-7 May 2015. This event brought together leading minds from the digital health sector with influence, authority and responsibility for driving innovation in how illness is predicted, diagnosed, managed and prevented.

Our client Nuviun ran this inaugural event, the aim of which was to show a vision for what's possible when great minds come together around the convergence of technology and the multibillion-dollar healthcare, medicine, sports and fitness industries. It provided an experiential walk into the future and was the world's first interactive and immersive Digital Health experience—an integrated hands-on look at how digital health technologies are impacting health and the provision of healthcare around the world.

Work included an interactive infographic of the Digital Health Landscape which gave the user a self-guided tour through 14 areas of health technology. The user could either navigate through each of the areas to find out more information or see how they converged in relation to Population Health, Precision Medicine, Consumer Engagement and Continuity of Care. Built in HTML to ensure accessibility and future re-purposing on multiple devices, we developed animated graphics to bring the presentation to life and aid engagement. See the interactive infographic here.

We also developed large-scale static infographics which presented a real challenge – presenting a wealth of complex information in an engaging and easy-to-navigate way.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

To illustrate the statistics about R&D investment in the region and world, the size of this investment relative to other countries, the types of companies and start-ups this investment is attracting, and the impact on overall health.

Health Systems Around the World

Two interrelated static displays that described the performance and issues with appropriate solutions of Health Systems globally.

We were approached to work on the display infographics after Nuviun saw the work we've done for UK Trade & Investment for which we've produced a wide range of infographics - online (HTML and Flash) and static versions. This includes the Innovation campaign which focused on 8 key innovative UK sectors. We've created both English and Japanese versions.

If you are interested in developing infographics to communicate complex information in an engaging way, please contact us.

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