Creating A Buzz From 3D Floor Illustrations
Creating A Buzz From 3D Floor Illustrations

You can never underestimate the power of social sharing, which is why we always look at ways to introduce the ‘wow factor’ into our projects. One such project was for S&P Capital IQ in their London and New York offices.

The objective of their new internal branding campaign was to get people excited and make them aware of the new messaging and direction the company is taking. S&P have always been interested in innovation and implementing new ideas and technology, so after we presented to their team, they chose to use 3D floor graphics to supplement their launch.

3D illustrations, or ‘anamorphic art’ to give it its correct name, is a process by which a design appears to be 3D when viewed from the correct angle, yet is drawn or applied to a flat surface. Rugby and cricket matches use them on playing fields and when seen through the TV camera, give the appearance that they are rising up out of the grass.

Using the client’s new brand guidelines, a number of design options were presented. From this a single route was chosen and further treatment was applied. Upon sign off, the design was printed to transparent vinyl and then delivered to the offices for installation. The whole process took no more than three weeks in total.


With the graphics in place for a two week period, it gave staff enough time to take photos and interact with them. Employees were encouraged to submit their photos with the cubes to their intranet where they would be shown to the rest of the firm.

Final 3D illustration

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